Thursday, 4 February 2010

The working prototype

Today i was making my working prototype.
I am making one of my simplest designs from cardboard.

  1. Simplest design as i still have not decided on my form and at this stage of my PLAY. My electronics is my most important element with most of my efforts going into making it work so it is therefore more fitting to show and tell this part of my project.
  2. I decided to put it in my simplest design to keep the form as neutral as possible. I hope by doing this, my audience will not be influenced by the design but by the technology and function of my project. In other words i don't want people to get hung up on what it looks like!
  3. It is also not very high as the solenoid moves and if it was any taller, it would fall over or be unbalanced.
This is what my model is looking like:

the internal workings

the front of the device

the dial reveals the time you have chosen

the back of the device, showing the solenoid

the push button on the top

the electronic side

i will finish my model tomorrow as well as my electronics...

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