Friday, 5 February 2010

Feeling Good

When i began this project, programming was very new to me. I had never coded by myself before, in our PBasic classes we were always in teams so you always had someone to struggle through with. Arduino is a completely different programming language and was foreign to me.

I'm feeling good as not only have i managed to write pages and pages of complected code that actually works (!!!), yes there are a few things i need to tweak but i'm not worried! I need to sit down and continue studying to begin piecing it together like a jigsaw... find your corners, edges and then your off filling in the gaps then viola! Done! (i say this as if it's easy but put the time, effort, pulling hair and will pay off)

I'm feeling good as i helped a fellow arduino player fix his code that he had been working on all day. It only took me a minute to identify his problem and simply add my corrections to the code and it worked perfectly first time! I'm chuffed with myself as i helped my colleague who had helped me right at the begining to find my feet. It feels good that i fixed it quickly and effortlessly whilst leaving to go home for the night!! Happy days!

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