Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Solenoid Modelling

This video really shows the limits of using a bird when the solenoid is used to knock of it. I am questioning if this method should be used.


  1. The solenoid also has it's own mechanical noise independent of contact with materials surfaces. Might have to dampen the solenoid own mechanical noise so not to interfere with the output tune.
  2. The bird moves/ responds to the solenoid with a time dalay i.e. the solnoid moves 2 times but the bird has only moved once.
Things to do:
  1. What i need to do is find the best angel/ best response from the solenoid and work out the tune from the beak and NOT the solenoids piston and alter the code.
  2. Prototype with hard materials/ metal beak to realise if this is dooable and the correct path to be taken.
This is a video of best pivot point with cardboard:

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