Monday, 22 February 2010


I have been busy all week developing the form of my device and this is where i am at...

As you can see in my earlier posts, my form is taking shape based on my solenoid. By testing my options, it became clear that using the solenoid as the head of the bird, the solenoid piston can become the beak. This is the most effective sound produced.

It has been a hard week. I was very much hung on the fact that the solenoid will be a bird / beak. Most of my forms are birds on various boxes.

My device has been quite the challenge to design. For the user to be able to relate, or understand what my product does it must be relatable to an alarm clock, sleep rhythm and know what to relate the noise produced; the woodpecker.

My turning point in achieving a design was this image:

The bird could be inside my various boxes! I took this image on board to develop this idea...

1. FRONT: I used the bark / log from the image as the base of my device. The top half will be rough bark with a large shiny aluminum bottom. The idea is that nature is creeping back onto something refined, like the metal.
2. SIDE: at the back of the device, you can see the beak poking out of the wooden log cut in half, down the middle. Directly below the beak is a platform to direct the user to correct placement of the beak to get best sounding results.

3. BACK: The back of the device shows off the wood's grain and exposes the beak in the hole. On the platform is a 'test' button, this is used to test your location's sound and the toggle, on / off switch.
4. SIDE: the shape is uniform.

5. TOP: the top has a flush push button to turn the alarm signal off. This is embedded in the log and is also aluminum. not everything is resolved, like the time dial. Hope to bounce this idea of pete and jon and develop it further.

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