Monday, 8 February 2010

Rationale refined

Lack of sleep is the biggest health concern for 42% of the population with an added 34% experiencing low level fatigue.
We are the worst sleepers in Europe, receiving on average less than 7 hours of sleep a night. This affects all aspects of life; at work, school, happiness, performance with low motivational levels.
As a nation however, we do enjoy our sleep ins so perhaps: “maybe we are not bad at sleep, just out of practice.” Sean Cougian
Using the knocking clock will improve sleep duration to 8 hours of sleep with the use of a night alarm.
Time will not be displayed as this is not a time piece but an alarming device only. This therefore has 1 application for 1 function; improving sleep rhythm.
To improve sleep rhythm, the user must have similar times they awake and go to sleep. The dial restricts this and offers limited flexibility to the sleep rhythm, sounded by a solenoid at the back of the device.
A mechanical sound is used to introduce a new technology and experience to the user. The solenoids’ sound will be dependent on the environment to make the sound produced more important than the tune itself. This encourages play and interaction with your sleep rhythm and waking experience.

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