Friday, 19 February 2010

The beaks

Which is better??

I tested both beaks sound quality and loudness. I found the wooden one was softer and quieter than the metal beak. I used a glass vessel filled half way with water. The metal one sounded brilliant against it, really loud and could be herd all the way down the hall next to the lift on my floor. The wooden one sounded more delicate and peaceful.


eureka, maybe my user has multiple beaks they can change themselves to their personal preference or... the idea i like best is having the wooden one to gently wake you up with the metal one to help indicate time for night ritual.

A concern through this project is if the user can hear night and awake times from one location. Maybe they won't have to.

This gives me 3 options to explore:
  1. make a set of 5 beaks the user can switch and change themselves, or
  2. have 2 separate devices; one for in the bedroom, and one in the lounge or what ever, or
  3. have one device with 2 solenoids, a morning beak and a night beak.
I think the first thing for me to do is decide on a form and integrate these ideas in later as i still haven't been able to gel a bird with the rest of the device. (It seems to be 2 very separate things in my head which makes the design look like separate pieces and not one).

Also from my testing I have identified a problem area:
  1. placing the beak to the materials surface is still hard to place correctly and is so vital that i will need to design something to aid the user to achieve this easily.

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