Friday, 12 February 2010

Vase Clock

I'm sad today! This is very similar to my project!

This is a clock that does not show time, as far as i can tell, and strikes the vase on the hour, every hour. The object is encouraged to be changed with other vases, which is strange but still it is experimenting with sounds and materials...

I like the simple concept of striking every hour but I'm not impressed with the design. In fact i'm off to have a wee rant so look away now!

The hammer on the outside is a nice idea and one i have considered myself but this hammer looks unconvincing and fiddly. If i touch that, it will break. It looks shoddy and badly made with off cuts of wood.

I find vase quite an unusual object choice. Why limit your product to just vases?? other materials produce sounds, but with that silly platform, the user really has no choice.

The base is unbelievable! I just can't get my head round why you would put your vase on that?! The shape and material is horrid and looks wrong next to the hammer. I will assume that this is meant to be a pride of place, interesting object to own, yet it feels awkward to look at and not quite right.

However, perhaps it is meant to be like this? The contrast between an elegant vase and awkward mechanics with poor material choice really does make that vase look nice.

This really does give me a bench mark to go better and beyond this.

By: Georgios Maridakis

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