Sunday, 6 June 2010

Press Coverage

As i have been getting so much press coverage, I have made a bit on my website which directs you to all original articles and news coverage, now including the Telegraph, The Scotsman, MyFox News rather than putting up individual blogs with the appropriate link.

I'm still trying to get my hands on the BBC radio 5 live interview i gave earlier on this month, so watch out for it!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Promotional video complete

well it's taken AGES of planning, hours of filming and days of editing to finish my video, all 1.04mins of it.

I decided, after searching for suitable music that actually my video doesn't need it. I like the simplicity and concentration towards my alarm signal. The alarm signal is the music i suppose!

Very proud and very happy with my first ever video!

Special thanks goes to 'knight scope media' for giving me advice on making a short video and for taking the time to come down to help me with the lighting, audio and of course for operating the camera! (hope i wasn't too bossy!)

Many thanks also go to paul creegan for giving me pointers on editing and using première pro!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

"Lack of sleep 'linked' to early death"

A BBC news article (04/05/10) discusses the study of 1.5 million people in over 16 studies that the duration of sleep could affect your health, leading to earlier death.

Too much sleep suggests that the body is in 'recovery' so something is medically wrong and the same with too little, under 5 hours equals something is wrong. The recommended 'safe' amount of sleep is 8 hours.


Available on: Ubergizmo


I am only blogging press where an individual describes my product using their own words. Replica articles are still really good but it is the same information just on another site.

My most popular replica's are coming from design sponge so lots of crafty, handmade blogs / yanko so industrial design blogs and TreeHugger so lots and lots of environmentally friendly websites.

This one is inspired by treehugger? (I don't make the rules)

Available on: Techfemina

We Love Sleep

Arg! Just realised that I have forgotten to blog about James Wilson's feedback. I had navigated him to my MAKE to TALK blog. On the 8th of April, we had a half hour conversation over the phone discussing current sleep issues, sleep products and help available to users.

The main thing that came across was that my clock had "clearly" been designed to help sleep quality- as with rest and relaxation the brain is able to switch off resulting in a higher quality of sleep. Most products ignore sleep issues where James admired and praised how mine tried to resolve them.

His main compliment was the removal of the clock interface. Many people clock watch which keeps them awake and unable to get good sleep. By simply removing it, I had removed the problem.

Sleep routine

I emailed a girl who is beginning to blog about achieving a sleep routine for her comments and feedback. She gave me some really great feedback via email and then went on to blog about it.

Available on: Amylovessleep

Her comments via email:

Based on what I've read, sleep experts seem to agree that (a) most people don't get enough sleep and; (b) having a good, regular sleep routine (and sticking to it) is key to a good night's sleep. This should include a wind down period before bed.

Creating an alarm clock which signals when to begin your bedtime routine, is a good one. I have personally just discovered the pleasures of taking time to wind down before bed and the benefits it brings - relieving stress and anxiety and helping to switch off a racing mind, making sleep easier. The idea of the nightime alarm corresponding with the morning alarm is also a good one I think, as this will encourage people to spend time relaxing before bed and will hopefully result in people getting more good quality sleep. I should say, however, that whilst programming the two alarms 9 hours apart would work for me (I'll happily sleep for 8 hours after a one hour wind down period), the amount of sleep that people need varies, so this might not work for everyone.

Also, I love the look of your product; it's so much cooler than standard alarm clocks and I like the idea of using natural products. The only thing I'm not sure about is the alarm sound - the idea of a drumming woodpecker alarm sound is unusual and fun, but how do you feel when the sound wakes you? A sound that jerks you awake (in the way that standard alarm clocks do) is not a pleasant way to start the day - I know, because my alarm tone on my mobile is horrible and wakes me with a jolt every morning (I really need to change it!). By moving the alarm clock next to different materials, can you create a soothing waking experience?