Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sleep routine

I emailed a girl who is beginning to blog about achieving a sleep routine for her comments and feedback. She gave me some really great feedback via email and then went on to blog about it.

Available on: Amylovessleep

Her comments via email:

Based on what I've read, sleep experts seem to agree that (a) most people don't get enough sleep and; (b) having a good, regular sleep routine (and sticking to it) is key to a good night's sleep. This should include a wind down period before bed.

Creating an alarm clock which signals when to begin your bedtime routine, is a good one. I have personally just discovered the pleasures of taking time to wind down before bed and the benefits it brings - relieving stress and anxiety and helping to switch off a racing mind, making sleep easier. The idea of the nightime alarm corresponding with the morning alarm is also a good one I think, as this will encourage people to spend time relaxing before bed and will hopefully result in people getting more good quality sleep. I should say, however, that whilst programming the two alarms 9 hours apart would work for me (I'll happily sleep for 8 hours after a one hour wind down period), the amount of sleep that people need varies, so this might not work for everyone.

Also, I love the look of your product; it's so much cooler than standard alarm clocks and I like the idea of using natural products. The only thing I'm not sure about is the alarm sound - the idea of a drumming woodpecker alarm sound is unusual and fun, but how do you feel when the sound wakes you? A sound that jerks you awake (in the way that standard alarm clocks do) is not a pleasant way to start the day - I know, because my alarm tone on my mobile is horrible and wakes me with a jolt every morning (I really need to change it!). By moving the alarm clock next to different materials, can you create a soothing waking experience?

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