Sunday, 7 February 2010

Data #5

  1. Very annoyed that it's time to get up, usually just been asleep for a few hours so really tired!
  2. My bed time varies a lot! I can never get to sleep so it's usually between 1:30 and 6am!! Sometimes its as late as 10am!! And wake up depending on what I have to do or places I need to go.
  3. I sometimes listen to meditation cds before I go to bed, they work sometimes but I find it really hard to switch off, my mind is always thinking about something!
  4. I used to have an alarm clock that just had a beep sound (it looked awesome though, had a plane you could move around to see different time zones) but that annoyed me, it made waking up even more depressing. So, I've just bought a new alarm with an iphone/ ipod dock and radio.
  5. I think when I first wake up I'm about 4, then I'm usually around a 7 after coming around. After a few hours I usually start to lag, then it's around a 0!!

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