Sunday, 29 November 2009

Mind Fuzz

Really not liking my project anymore.

I am strangely jealous of Callum K. PLAYing with ceramics with Sean. If i created my 3rd year project as my 4th i would be very happy.

I love PLAYing with materials, just recently i have been PLAYing with metal for my business module, bending, flattening and welding cutlery. Why is that not my final year project!!

I need to re-think and improve my idea. I do not want it to be like an alarm clock and i do not want it to be an air freshener!! I do not want to use recorded or live sounds as it is too similar to an alarm clock! grr! Feeling really down about it all, i still have nothing for Jon to see whilst everyone in the class is progressing and moving quickly. This has been a very bad week!

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