Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Making a log an alarm clock....

My update so far...

I have drilled all the way through my log so i am able to place electronics inside. This was rather tricky to do but none the less it has been done. It is wide enough to fit my arduino board.

2 holes have been drilled parallel on either side of the log;

-dial side
-woodpecker side

The dial hole needed to be made larger to fit more of the potentiometer in the hole so the solenoid will fit better behind it.

The woodpecker side has been hand carved to look like a woodpecker has 'attacked' it.

A recess has been made on the top of the device for push button mechanics. I feel the button must not be flush with the wood, as this will be almost impossible to do and, well i prefer it this way.

I am currently attempting to squeeze my electronics inside now.

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